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11 Fun Ways to End the Homeschool Year

As soon as the birds start chirping and the flowers bloom, spring fever sets in for teachers and students! It becomes so hard to stick with the daily routine seat work. Why not embrace the carefree nature of Spring and mix things up in your homeschool routine in order to keep everyone engaged and learning up to the end of your homeschool year?Here are a few fun ideas on how to end your homeschool year joyfully as a family.Photo Credit: ©Unsplash/Ashton Bingham

21 Outdoor Spring Activities to Do with Your Kids

Play enhances cognitive development in children. Running around outside stimulates the brain to better attention and apprehension of academic material. If I had followed through on my inclination to cut back on outdoor time, I would have paid a steep price in productivity.

How to Know if Homeschooling Is Right for You and Your Family

If you’re experiencing nervous excitement at the prospect of homeschooling, that’s a good sign. Most families start with a bit of apprehension, which is completely normal. If, on the other hand, your anxiety is through the roof and there’s no peace, homeschooling might not be the right fit at this time. Seek God’s wisdom and ask for His peace. If home education is His plan for your family, He’ll turn your doubts into purpose and your nervousness into motivation. He will always equip you for everything He calls you to do.

6 Tips for Homeschool Moms to Finish the School Year Strong

Consider changing your homeschool environment one or two days out of the week. Even your backyard can be a nice change of scenery. Ask Grandma if she would be willing to open her house for the day or take a scenic drive while the kids read aloud. Get creative! Any place other than the kitchen table can feel exciting and help your family get out of a rut.

How Homeschooling Helps Your Kids Become Self-Sufficient

Many people these days are reconsidering an age-old lifestyle called self-sufficiency. This has led some back to the land, others off-grid, and some to open small businesses. But it has also led many to pursue homeschooling. Why? Because homeschooling and self-sufficiency are two parts of the same puzzle. What is that puzzle? It's simply the desire to become more self-reliant, resilient, and independent.

Does Homeschooling Improve Social Competencies Among Children?

Finally, the researchers conclude that their "...study shows that homeschooling may be more effective in terms of developing creative thinking and social competencies than traditional learning. Therefore, it can offer a high-quality alternative to public education or private schools for those who choose it" (p. 21).

6 Encouragements for Homeschooling Moms

No wonder you have so many friends. No wonder your kids are going to turn out just fine. Keep your eyes on Christ, your nose in His Word, and your hand on your children's heads. Keep steering. Keep training them up in the way they should go, according to His Word.

4 Ways to Involve Others in Your Homeschool

Homeschooling is an adventure. There is no doubt of that. But it doesn’t need to be a solitary one. Not for you or your children. There are so many creative ways to involve others in your school without burdening them or feeling like you’re taking advantage of them.

6 Homeschooling Activities to Explore God's Creation

Nature study is a worthy subject for any child because it reveals the Creator, just as artwork provides hints about the artist. Nature study can be as simple as intentionally cultivating an attitude of awe and gives abundant opportunities to praise the Lord.

A Balanced Approach to Learning about Columbus Day

I don't point out God's providence to whitewash the history of explorers, colonialism, slavery, or any other evils that taint all history. We should never minimize these sins. We must not, however, lose sight of God's ability and desire to redeem and restore.

8 Prayers of Blessing Over Your Homeschool Year

Please give parents wisdom, guidance, and a discerning heart in helping their children learn and grow in all areas, not just what is needed for testing. Father, please provide ample opportunities for students to glean lifelong skills, new understanding, and rich revelations in various ways.

Does Homeschooling Effectively Transmit the Christian Faith?

Speaking biblically, it is not parents or homeschooling that saves children or causes their conversion, but there does appear to be a positive association between having been home-educated and the strength of Christian beliefs and behaviors in adulthood.

How to Teach Christian Values to Your Children

As Christian parents, we have a big obligation to teach values to our children so they will know how to respond to and treat others. On the other hand, this does not need to be an overly complicated process. Thankfully, God has made it simple for us.

7 Ideas for Family Togetherness

But then I realized we were all tired. Tired of schoolwork. Tired of chores. Because school took so long most days, there wasn’t time to do anything fun together. It was time for things to change.

5 Important Ways Homeschooling Develops Your High Schooler

High schoolers are stereotyped as being rebellious, argumentative, and lazy; thus, when it comes to high school, many parents send their teenagers into the school system, so they do not have to fight with them. Sadly, this causes high schoolers to lose many opportunities that homeschooling could have afforded them.

4 Skills Learned by Moms and Kids Who Work and School Virtually

Research into the overlapping skills of distance learners and remote employees is quickly gaining the attention of scholars. There are already some key skills that research indicates can aid in advancement, both academically and professionally. The earlier those skills are acquired, the greater the chance of mastery.

5 Ways to Reset Your Homeschooling Over the Summer

We all require times of refreshment—a fresh infusion of strength, energy, and wisdom. Sometimes we need physical refreshment, and other times it’s spiritual. Often, it’s both. Thankfully, the Lord is in the business of refreshing.

Make Teaching Math Fun and Easy!

The key to helping the students remember what steps go with which processes is to use their powerful imaginations. We create pictures or stories with emotion and attach them to the process.


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