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5 Comforting Reminders Moms of Teens Need to Hear Today

Parenting teens in today's world can feel beyond overwhelming - kind of like trying to stay cool when you're a piece of dry wood tossed into a dumpster fire. Many of us elder Millennials and Gen X'ers have parented teens through the evolution of smartphones, Snap Chat, and X-box Live. We have no earthly idea what we're doing. Yet, we're meant to serve as master-class-level digital police, culture war moderators, and spiritual warfare ninjas in an increasingly ludicrous world. Deep. Breaths.It's so difficult to keep the faith and remain optimistic while dealing with teenage mood swings, unforeseen drama, evolving personalities, and all the other magic that keeps our therapists equally horrified and entertained on the regular. However, just today, I had a God thought. It happened while spacing out at the kitchen sink, listening to my 14 and 16-year-old boys roam through the house, chattering away on their Air pods, leaving a trail of snack wrappers in their wake. The voice simply said, "They're both amazing. and they're both going to be okay." Admittedly, I was pretty caffeinated and high off a fresh Maverick City worship set, but my mind was heavily flooded with some assurances and truths I wanted to share with every mom of teens because, frankly, we never (ever) hear enough edification or comfort. We probably need to remind ourselves of these truths daily, but I hope this helps, even for today.
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3 Ways to Ignite Your Teen's Passion for God

If you’re investing in the lives of young people, you’ve probably experienced the paralysis of apathy. It’s difficult to teach the truth about God and Christianity to young people when they aren’t really listening. Here are three things I learned that helped me ignite a passion in my students and kids.

How to Exercise Faith When Allowing Independence

My son’s little legs raced across the field as his kite bounced along on the ground behind him. A gust of wind caught the kite’s corner and lifted it above the grass. “Let out the string!” I called. As he released a few feet of twine, the kite caught the breeze and soared into the air. “Keep letting it out!” I urged him. As the string extended, the kite rose higher and higher. We both exulted at the sight of the colorful kite dancing in the summer sky.As a mom, it’s even more exhilarating to see my children soaring into the future God has planned for each of them. Yet for them to rise up and claim their independence, I have to let out the “string” so they can fly. It takes faith to relax my grip and allow them to go where God takes them.Parenting five kids has required a lot of letting go. Our son grew from pedaling his bike down the driveway to driving off in a moving van with his bride by his side. Our little curly-headed daughter learned to cross the street, and now she’s crossed oceans to serve Jesus. Every milestone presents a choice as we raise our five kids: will we hold on more tightly or trust and let go?How do we exercise faith while allowing our kids to become more independent year by year? We remember these six truths along the way.Photo Credit:©Getty Images/PIKSEL

8 Proven Ways to Connect with Your Teen

Our kids yearn for connection at every age and stage. We all have heard the narrative that your teen won't want anything to do with you, but that's just plain untrue. We are family, and even as our relationship changes, connection is key. While we need to let our kids grow more independent, we do not need to neglect our role as a primary influence in their lives.Yet, finding ways to connect with our older kids can feel challenging. Busy schedules, friends, digital distractions, and differing interests can make it feel like we are living in two very different worlds. Effort is required in order to avoid distance from growing between you and your older kids.While our big kids may roll an eye at us or laugh at how silly we are when suggesting doing things together once they start being with us, that tough facade will fade, and the joy that comes with being together will shine through. Here are some fun ways to connect with your older kids and teens:
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7 Things Every Teen Should Contribute to the Family

Raising teens is a tough area of life to navigate. Your role in their lives changes and their treatment of you changes as well. Although this can be tough on a parent, it is just as tough on teens. In the unstable transition, they must seek to find themselves while not yet knowing where the boundaries begin and end.One way to help them navigate these new boundaries is to require they contribute to the household dynamic. But in what ways is it appropriate to have them contribute to and what is not? Here are eight ways a teen can (and should) contribute to their families:
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How to Teach Boys to Respect Women

Every Christian teaches the next generation of men, since all of us are responsible for building up the body of Christ. So what’s most important in rearing boys to respect women?

10 Effective Ways to Grow Your Relationship with Your Teenage Kids

As a mother of a fourteen-year-old and a twelve –year-old, my role as their mother is changing. No longer am I the main person to speak into their lives. They now tell their friends more about what is new in their lives than what they tell me. They want to spend more time with their friends and less time with me. This is tough on me as I’m struggling to figure out my role in their lives. But there are still ways I can have a presence in their lives without being the main voice.
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4 Ways to Find Hope for Your Prodigal

If you are anxious about someone you love, I understand. I know the dark cloud that can settle down in our hearts like a sinister, unyielding fog. But let me give you some suggestions for breathing fresh oxygen into your soul.

How to Deal with Teenage Depression in a Biblical Way

Teenage depression is no joke. It’s brutal. It’s tough and as parents, we feel like we’re treading water in the ocean with no land in sight. As a parent, I was blessed with my teen’s decision to get help, but some parents have to fight for the mental health of their teens.


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