Focus on the Family with Jim Daly

Focus on the Family with Jim Daly

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We want to help your family thrive! The Focus on the Family program offers real-life, Bible-based insights for everyday families. Help for marriage and parenting from families who are in the trenches with you. Focus on the Family is hosted by Jim Daly and John Fuller.

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Can We Talk? Communication Advice for Husbands and Wives – I & II
Confused by the way your spouse thinks and acts? There’s hope! Dr. David Clarke explains why men often “clam up” during deep conversations, and why a woman’s typical strategy to act as a crowbar and pry him open almost always fails. Dr. Clarke will help you work toward healthy communication in your marriage.

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Men Are Clam, Women Are Crowbars

We need your help to reach even more hurting families searching for meaningful family advice from a biblical perspective.Join the Family!When you support Focus on the Family monthly, you are investing into relevant and faith-inspired radio and podcast programs designed to leave a lasting legacy of faith through the generations. The ongoing support of our sustaining members—who we call Friends of Focus on the Family—helps us plan how many hurting families can be reached through the Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast.  Join today!


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