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3:00AM - 3:30AM

Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll

Mountaintop moments are designed to change our perception, not to change our home address. Often, however, those moments get eclipsed by the pressing needs of our normal day-to-day living. So what do we do? Pastor Chuck Swindoll answers that vital question in this sermon on Matthew 17:14–21 where . . .
4:00AM - 4:30AM

In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley

The greatest privilege we will ever have is knowing God. All the people that we could meet or choose to have interactions with, pale in comparison to the astounding honor, benefit, and eternal treasure of being in a profound personal relationship with the living God. In Taking Advantage of the . . .
5:30AM - 6:00AM

The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

When you look around and take stock of what's going on in your life, Dr. Tony Evans says that your perception depends on your perspective. In this lesson, he’ll explain how we can see life from a more peaceful point of view in this look at the benefits of adding focus to our faith.


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